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Braille Display Software

Active Braille firmware 4.6

December, 6th, 2018

With Active Braille firmware 4.6 we have optimized the initialization during startup. Some devices could enter an infinite reset loop when starting up with version 4.5. The new version 4.6 is fixing this problem.
SmartSwitching: The Active Braille automatically switches to the currently active data source, i.e. to one of the up to three Bluetooth connections which was last active or to the USB connection to the PC.
If no Bluetooth or USB connection is active, the Active Braille automatically switches to internal mode. If the Active Braille is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth and it goes into the lock screen, it automatically switches to the internal mode. One is then back at the same internal location, e.g. in a note. The iPhone unlocks and boom, the Active Braille is reconnected.
The previous switching to the internal mode with Chord m and the screen reader mode with Cord p is in most cases no longer needed. With Chord 458, you can still switch quickly between connected devices.

New file system: The new file system ensures that the entire storage space on the 16 GB SD card can be used. The previous file system could use internally formatted SD cards only up to 4 GB. The new file system also prevents file corruption in the simultaneous use of many files.

User friendly names per Bluetooth: When switching between devices, the device name now is displayed, e.g. Sigis iPhone.

Actilino 2.1

March 26th 2019
The new features in the firmware version 2.1 are:
- Memory initialization has been improved, laying the groundwork for future development.
- Actilino will now start up in normal mode with empty or no battery when connected to an external power supply or computer.
- The startup sound has been replaced by a lightweight variant using simple duty cycle frequency modulation to prevent inconsistencies.
- Some localization issues have been corrected. Specifically, our Norwegian customers should now be able to set the time.
- Mass storage data transfer to and from a computer is stopped while the editor is open, to prevent conflicts resulting from concurrent access.

Active Star Version 2.2

October 27th, 2017
Active Star firmware version 2.2 also improvs the Bluetooth connectivity with an iPhone significantly like the new Actilino firmware. Therefore, we recommend updating the firmware of your Active Star. In addition, Active Star firmware 2.2 completely suppresses disturbing noise reported when using Bluetooth Audio. We were also able to make improvements for the battery calibration.

Modular Evolution (64/88) Version

December 09th, 2013
• JAWS-Treiber Version
• HAL/Supernova-Treiber Version
• Window-Eyes-Treiber Version
With this setup the firmware can be updated to Version 2.02

Basic Braille Setup Version

November 27th, 2013
The software package Basic Braille Setup Version includes:
• JAWS-driver version
• HAL/Supernova-driver version
• Window-Eyes-driver version

Braillino Firmware Version 4.31

May 09th, 2011
• Firmware Version 4.31

Braille Star 40 firmware version 4.31

May 02nd, 2011
• Firmware Version 4.31

Braille Star 80 Firmware Version 4.31

May 02nd, 2011
• Firmware Version 4.31

Braille Wave Firmware Version 4.31

May 02nd, 2011
• Firmware Version 4.31



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