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New: Actilino Firmware 2.1

Wednesday, 15. May 2019, 12:15

The firmware 2.1 has implemented a new short switch-on sound. The sound can be turned off at the menu item Options. Wake-up and reminder sounds can now be stopped by pressing any key. In addition the memory management has been optimized. The Actilino now starts without a battery and also with a completely discharged battery.

The firmware 42.1 you will find here.
You will also find the Firmware on your StartStick.

Active Braille supported by Kindle Fire

Wednesday, 15. May 2019, 12:10

In cooperation with the manufacturer Amazon, we have now built Braille support for the Active Braille in every Kindle Fire starting with the 8th generation. To benefit of the Braille support, the current software version is needed.

To update your Kindle Fire, simply select the item System Updates at Settings / Device Options and execute the action "Check Now".
To connect the ActiveBraille via Bluetooth, please, select in settings the first menu item "Wireless & Bluetooth" where you can activate Bluetooth. If you select "Pair a Bluetooth Device" the Active Braille will be recognized. Confirm pairing with Y on the Active Braille and select "Pair" on the Kindle Fire. Now the Bluetooth connection is established.

Next, to select the Active Braille and start the Braille output for VoiceView, select the item Braille display at Setting / Acessibility / VoiceView to select the. Now the Braille output for VoiceView is started. As with iOS, you can navigate Chord 1 and Chord 4 and make a selection with Cursor rooting. We recommend activating the VoiceView Shortcut in the setting area of VoiceView. So you can comfortably start and stop VoiceView by pressing the on / off button three times.
Amazon is in the process of integrating the connection of our entire family of Braille displays.



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