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iRead – the software



You can reach your goal with a minimum effort. There is only one key press between the start of the program and reading out the first page of printed text. iRead automatically detects the connected scanner and searches based on a databank for the best settings for the individual model. With one more key press it can check the orientation of the page it has scanned in.


If you want more than scrolling through a text by character, word or sentence. Authors give their documents a structure to make it easier for the reader to understand the context. While recognizing a text, iRead already searches for headings in the text. That immediately allows iRead to create a table of contents. By selecting a heading from the created table of contents you can easily jump to the selected position in the text.

Easy Access by iRead

Thanks to the search function of iRead you can jump to a specific word within the recognized text. Anywhere in the text you can set a bookmark for easy return.

iRead Creates Access

iRead is capable to import images in different formats. Text within an image is detected and added to the document. Perspective distortions and misalignments will be corrected automatically by iRead.



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