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For our customers we offer a multitude of service software for free. Find the universal Braille display driver to enable screen readers to communicate with your Handy Tech Braille Display here. For mobile phones which are made accessible via Talks&Zooms, we offer a Braille display driver that will enable you to access your mobile phone via your Handy Tech Braille Display. HTCom enables data transfer between a Handy Tech Braille System and a Microsoft Windows computer.

The ATC-LogAnalyzer allows you to analyze reading behavior of a Braille user on a Handy Tech Braille display. ATC = ATC technology recognizes and stores the position of the reading finger on the Braille display. This data can then be analyzed. ATC is a usefull tool for teaching Braille.

The screen reading programm NVDA is free of charge. A blind computer user can use this screen reader on any computer around the globe, for example in a Internet café. On-screen information is translated by NVDA for Braille displays and voice out.



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